DIY Hockey Stick Handling Trainer

Well I had about 15 minutes of spare time so i decided to do something productive. As you all know my son and his friends love to play hockey. They play on ice, in hallways, driveways, patios, hotel lobbies, between real hockey games, at friends houses during “play dates” (aka parents having drinks together), on skate, roller blade, knees, barefoot or wherever there is enough room to for a ball/puck and a stick. So in an effort to minimize wall, my shins and other kid damage, it’s important for them to have stick control! So, I looked on line and viewed a few different training devices, all costing $60 and up for basically a raised stick that a puck can go under. Then I was over at Chris’ house on a “play date” and he had made one for his son. Mine is slightly different as to height and securing the pucks but I’ll go over the differences and you can choose to suit your needs. For this project you will need:

15 minutes;

1 old hockey stick;

12 old pucks;

2 3/4 inch screws (12 to be exact); and

4 washers.

and you’ll have this.

Hockey Stick Handling Trainer

and save yourself from buying this


The first thing you need to do is go to the hockey rink and ask the guy who drives the Zamboni if they have any broken sticks and old pucks, and within a minute you’ll probably have more than a few. It doesn’t matter if the sticks are wood, composite or combo.


You’ll need an adult stick for the length. I cut it down to 51″ to accommodate 4 lifts on 16″ centers and it was near where the stick started to taper. (Future Project *** you can take two sticks and cut them into 16″ sections with rounded ends to the device move into different configurations. That’s for another day though.)

Remember a hockey puck is 3″ wide and 1″ in height. The best way to do this is to cut the stick then measure an 1 1/2″ in and draw a line with a paint pen. From that line measure the stick. If you are using a construction tape measure, you’ll notice at 16″, 32″, 48″ etc. in red. Makes it real easy to mark it out. Drill a small guide hole.

Hockey Stick Handling Trainer

Put that to the side and lets talk about the height. I went with a height of 3 inches for two reasons. First, I wanted it high enough to accommodate a training ball (aka street ball). Secondly, it was perfect for the 2 3/4″ screws which allow me to have a smooth puck bottom while being secure. (Chris went with the 2″ height but only uses a puck).

Hockey Stick Handling Trainer

For my first set, I pre-drilled the holes which turns out to be of absolutely no use. If it makes you feel better, knock yourself out and pre-drill the holes. Line them up and put in two screws centered up. The rubber will allow a natural counter sink.

IMG_2496_2 IMG_2495_2

Once you have all 4 lifts finished align them under the lines on the stick (make sure the screws in the pucks are under the stick to avoid them loosening. Put a washer down, use the finger on each side to make sure it’s somewhat centered, and screw down. **Be careful not to over tighten if using a composite stick.


Get hockey stick out with kids and play!